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Ward 1
Etobicoke North


Hello! My name is Subhash Chand.

I spent my childhood working on a farm, in a small village and studying full time. I do not come from a family of wealth, but I was always determined to build a successful life for myself and my community.


Despite my struggle with limited resources, I went on to become a Professor at International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT), Schiller International University, Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM), and served as a Loan Service Manager- EDC (Govt. of Canada), and Authorizer for American Express Canada.


Like many other immigrants, I made North Etobicoke a foundation for my family. I also founded my business Chand Tax & Debt Ltd. here as a way to fulfill my passion for helping others in my community. For over a decade, we have helped thousands of residents here with an open heart and mind.


All of these opportunities helped me develop a deeper understanding of social, economic, and geopolitical needs, at a local as well as international scale. I am married to Anju Chand a teacher by profession and we are blessed with three wonderful children.


Above all, there is nothing I want more than to give back to the community that allowed me to realize my dreams. Now, my goal is to help you realize yours.


A vote for me is a vote for your dreams.

My Story

I will work tirelessly to ensure:


Safer & Cleaner Neighborhoods 

  • Prompt Police response, additional surveillance cameras

  • Improved security infrastructure and support from law enforcement will enhance safety in our neighborhood & mitigate theft (auto & other)

For prevention and fast detection of crime against body and property, ensuring a feeling of safety and security in the entire neighborhood.

  • Adequate availability of garbage bins and portable washrooms around schools, TTC Stops, parks & trails

  • Weekly Garbage Collection

  • Enforcement of municipal by-laws and higher fines for violators 

  • No snow pile ups in front of the dead end houses


Better TTC 

  • Hard stance against ANY form of harassment to make rides safer 

  • NO to privatization of TTC

  • Frequent service

  • Increased surveillance for safety 

  • New routes for more efficient travel

  • Increasing sanitary standards for bus stops 


Greater Focus on Youth Development

The foundation of future is laid now, through the upbringing of the next generation. However, limited opportunities in swimming, skating, basketball and other sports are restricting our youth's development.


I will push for building a platform that will encourage and enable our youth to participate in physical activities. 

This will be done by partnering with district school boards to get higher funding that will help us leverage existing sports and other physical activity facilities.


Better Roads, Traffic Signals & Street Lights

  • Optimization of bike and car lanes ensuring safe and efficient maneuvering of emergency vehicles, pedestrians and TTC vehicles.

  • New paved roads with proper road signals and sufficient street lights

  • Pursuing with the provincial govt. the matter of postal code based discriminatory insurance practices, and protecting our community members from exorbitant and unfair insurance raises


Housing and Mental Health

If the city of Toronto can afford to host a world cup, we can certainly afford to do more for our community members without a home.


Building affordable housing and improving mental health services will be of utmost importance to me.


Relief for Small Businesses Impacted due to LRT construction

Community Services

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Tax & Debt Mgt

For a decade now, I have served my community with services in Debt Management, Credit Counselling, Canadian Pension Planning, Taxation, Old Age Security Planning, and much more. My financial expertise has uplifted families and bettered countless lives. 



Canadian Blood Services

I have donated blood over 25 times and organized numerous  drives, collectively changing tens of thousands of lives. 

I was awarded the title of Lifetime Promotor and a Partner for the Canadian Blood Services. 


Uniting Communities

 I am able to converse and understand the diverse needs of my people. With such a background, I was given the honour to serve as the Vice President of South Asians in Ontario. The organization spans across an array of cultural groups, uniting the community. 

Community Services
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